3 Reasons to Stop  Waking up Groggy with Pillowmen

Our customers have reported that they sleep longer and better with their own handcrafted Pillowmen catered to their neck and shoulder contours. This is important so that the spine is as horizontal as possible for a comfortable sleep.

Pillowmen Side Sleeper

Reason 1: Snugs comfortably

Unlike buying generic pillows, Pillowmen allows you to choose the shape and stiffness level for your pillow. The shapes like the Regular for general and belly-sleeping is all-purpose, Side Sleeper (our most popular product) for side sleeping and Snorer for those who snores sleeping on their back, caters for the type of sleeping pattern. Then by selecting the stiffness level, you are able to choose the softness or firmness of the pillow to hold your head and neck properly. As a start, the Medium stiffness pillow suits majority of the population.

With a pillow that is shaped to you, you are getting a pillow that snugs comfortably to you because everyone sleeps differently.

Reason 2: Fall asleep faster

When a pillow snugs your head, neck and shoulder comfortably, you fall asleep faster. By falling asleep faster, it reduces your sleep anxiety and insomnia period. This is good so that you are able to sleep for longer hours.

Reason 3: Wake up pain-free

With a comfortable pillow suited just for you, you sleep better and wake up pain-free. This is possibly the best pillow for neck pain. When you wake up fresh, you will be more alert to take on the day. The secret of many high performers across industries is to be able to sleep well. Pillowmen helps you to get that!

The benefit of a having your own handcrafted pillow includes:

  • A unique pillow that matches your neck and shoulder.
  • Cuddles your neck and shoulder so that your spine shapes horizontally.
  • Sleep longer
  • Sleep better
  • Reduces neck pain
  • Wake up fresher

Choose from 3 different models:

  1. Regular: Good for daily use
  2. Snorer: Good to reduce snoring for those sleeping on their back
  3. Side Sleeper: Good for those who sleep on the sides to reduce neck pain