Tips & FAQ

Learn how to choose a Pillowmen and how to take care of it for a good night’s sleep.

What is Pillowmen Pillow made out of?

Pillowmen pillows are made from Prime-Foam™. With a team of professional chemist and lots of trial and error, Prime-Foam™ was developed by the perfectly blending of 100% high resilience polyurethane foam for comfort and durability.

How long is Pillowmen pillow’s lifespan?

With years of development, Pillowmen is confident that our pillow will last more than 5 years if used properly. However, we suggest that our customers should change their pillow after 2 years of usage for hygiene purposes.

How to take care of Pillowmen Pillow?

Hand wash or machine wash are not recommended. Only spot clean with mild-damp cleaning towel.

How do I know which stiffness suits me best?

Pillowmen suggest that medium stiffness is the one to go for because this is the stiffness that are easily accepted by majority of customers. If it is not the one for you, you have a one-time return policy which allows you to return your pillow and switch it to a different stiffness.i

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