Do You Sleep on Your Back or Side? Here’s The Science on ‘Optimal’ Sleep Positions

According to a recently published report, most people prefer to sleep on their sides. Whether they know it or not, the body gravitates more to this position.

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What Pillow Should You Choose?

The report also concluded that those who lie on their backs are more likely to be poor sleepers or have breathing difficulties during the night. Further study of 664 sleepers found that on average participants spent about 54 percent of their time sleeping on their side, about 37 percent on their back, and only about 7 percent on their front. More than half of us sleep on our sides, if we take this sample size as comparison.

The report stated the shape and the height of the pillow are what matter: ‘a U-shaped pillow may help you have a longer night’s sleep, and a roll-shaped pillow can reduce morning pain and bedtime pain in those suffering from chronic pain‘. Our Pillowmen bestseller – the Side Sleeper matches the recommendation by the professionals!

The Pillowmen Side Sleeper matches the recommendation of the report.

The benefit of a having your own handcrafted pillow includes:

  • A unique pillow that matches your neck and shoulder.
  • Cuddles your neck and shoulder so that your spine shapes horizontally.
  • Sleep longer
  • Sleep better
  • Reduces neck pain
  • Wake up fresher

Choose from 3 different models:

  1. Regular: Good for daily use
  2. Snorer: Good to reduce snoring for those sleeping on their back
  3. Side Sleeper: Good for those who sleep on the sides to reduce neck pain