The Best Pillow in Malaysia is Handcrafted

Peaceful sleep

The best pillow in Malaysia is handcrafted to suit your head and neck contour. The Pillowmen team spent three decades perfecting the right pillow. We let our customers choose the shape and then stiffness level. Upon selection, the order process begins. This is perhaps the the first pillow platform in Asia that does so.

Upon order payment, the order begins. The pillow synthetic latex is moulded to the chose shape and stiffness level. Then the fabric is cut and sewn for the casing by our craftsmen. A typical process takes about seven working days to reach the customer’s home.

The benefit of a having your own handcrafted pillow includes:

  • A unique pillow that matches your neck and shoulder.
  • Cuddles your neck and shoulder so that your spine shapes horizontally.
  • Sleep longer
  • Sleep better
  • Reduces neck pain
  • Wake up fresher

Choose from 3 different models:

  1. Regular: Good for daily use
  2. Snorer: Good to reduce snoring for those sleeping on their back
  3. Side Sleeper: Good for those who sleep on the sides to reduce neck pain